Yes, I have my hands full

A day in the life.

It’s Tuesday morning, 6:21 am.  I’ve already shut my alarm off twice.  Baby J is still sleeping, but C is awake.  I’m bursting, but want to get some reading in, so I pump.  I got 1.5 ounces!!!  That is the most I have pumped with her.  She wakes up as soon as I finish pumping.

This morning, I absolutely MUST take a shower, because it has been a few days.  My husband has an interview at 11 am which requires 40 minutes of riding/waiting for the bus.  We just transitioned to the m-card and we only have one. So, instead of needing to leave at 9:20 to catch the bus for preschool playhouse, we have to walk so he can ride.  This is great for my metabolism, but it means I can’t waste any time this morning.

Thankfully, my husband is awesome.  I am also grateful that we have fortified corn balls(cereal) so breakfast is easy.  After some Octonauts, breakfast, diaper changes, my husband gets the kids dressed while I shower.  I get dressed, put their shoes on and we are out the door.

Preschool playhouse seems to be a great success and the littles and I had fun at playgroup. After Z gets out of class she initiates another successful bathroom trip. We stay late, because I just can’t imagine trying to rush them when they are having fun.  Of course the compromise here is we will have to eat out, because it’s past noon and I won’t have time to cook before getting hangry.

We start walking home, and I try to decide where to eat lunch.  My daughter has an accident.  It’s so frustrating.  We ate lunch at McDonalds. C falls asleep in the stroller before we arrive.  It kinda felt like a girls lunch, it was fun.  I feel back about the food, but it was $6 and our bellies are full.

We get home and my husband texts that he will be home in a few minutes.  I nurse J again, while the kids snack on leftover dry cereal.  My husband brought donuts home, we eat them.  We eat them even though we know that gluten makes the kids crazy and our bellies bloated.  Sigh.  The kids play for a while and we discover Z has had another accident.  Oh, oh I was angry.

I am so tired and have no motivation (hello sugar and gluten).  We watch an episode of Portlandia while the kids play.  Before I know it it is dinner time.  We have breakfast for dinner.  Eggs, potatoes and leftover ground beef.  I put on make up, nurse J and head to work.

I agreed to take one client for my mom so she can celebrate her birthday with friends.  I grumble to myself about walking alone at night, when two strange men start talking to me while I am waiting to cross the street.  Ugh. I get to work, everyone wants to know where the baby is.  I get ready and wait for the new client.  The client no-shows.  I clean up the room and head home.

Z is brushing her teeth, H is holding J and C is already asleep in bed.  I say, “He no showed, but I am home an hour early.”  My husband says, “and you are just coming home now?”  I say, “I left at 6:35 and it’s 7:35”  He says, “An hour?  It felt like days.”

Z goes to bed and has a few false alarms about using the bathroom.  We know she must be constipated, but don’t want to deal with fake potty trips, so we put the portable potty in her room.  A friend stops by to try on a costume, we talk for awhile.

There is nothing to watch tonight, since Portlandia (Netflix!!) only had 10 episodes for season 5.  So my husband and I start talking, twoh ours later I remember we have to fill out a survey on line for our health insurance.  We need to submit J’s social security number….oh, where did I put that?  I just came in the mail last week.  Oy.

I put J to bed while H uses the computer.  I check on the kids, potty success!  They are both sleeping. I fall asleep.  He wakes me up, I finish typing.

Time to brush my teeth and go to bed.

I would say I had a great day.  I didn’t meet all my expectations or desires, but it was a good day.


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