Returning To Work

I go back to work in 3 weeks, my how time flies.

I enjoy my work, I create my own schedule, I enjoy the benefits of self employment. I chose self employment, as a single woman, before I was even dating.  I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but didn’t know if that would realy happen.  /i chose a career path that should allow me s good amount of freedom.

I love my work environment, my coworkers, the location of my office.  I dreaded leaving my babies, and I expect the same once November 19th rolls around. I was so anxious about everything the first time: scheduling clients, pumping, having time to eat, etc.  With C, I went home after each appointment to nurse, so I eliminated the pumping anxiety.

This time, knowing so much more about marketing, I feel a new work pressure.  I really want to do well, maximize my earnings per hour I am gone.  I want to make it worth my time away.  The pressure with three kids seems much heavier than with two.

So, I am starting to split my focus, some of my brain energy goes to work now.  That is the down side of self employment.  The success of the business sits squarely on my shoulders.  I can’t afford to not think about it now.  I’m trying to decide where my work focus is, and go for that.

It is interesting and new.  I am equally excited and nervous.

It really has gone quickly!

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