Pressing On

Day 14!

I am almost half way through the write 31 days challenge!

You guys, this has been much harder than I expected.  I expected it to be very hard.

This is been a lot of fun, which I did not expect.

I’ve been given with positive feedback, I really didn’t expect that.

Thank you to everyone who shared my posts, it means a lot to me.

Today I want to express my gratitude to you. This has been an experiment and labor of love for me.

Tonight I’m writing from my bed on my not-so-smart phone. I begged my husband to tell me it was okay to go to bed. He said that I could.

But you, dear reader, are the reason I am writing and not sleeping. I’m tired, but thankful, so I will keep this short.

This challenge has not only caused me to have the discipline to write daily; it has also caused me to look closely at my previous breastfeeding experiences. It has been so healing.

And that I suppose is why I write. It’s not to impress or instruct. It is to shed light on my soul.

Thank you for reading. I am energized to press on.


  1. Thank you for writing. I read these while I breastfeed and it makes me know that I’m not alone in my parenting struggle. We are all in this together.

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