Live Christ

live christ

To live Christ, I had to let go of so many things.  The things I briefly discuss today exemplify why I call this “Losing My Religion, Finding My Savior”  I hope you have time and willingness to hear the words. Regarding Joy, Part 4 it is full of truth and convicted me in so many ways. […]


Finding Joy in the Advancement of the Gospel

paul writing

Find Joy in the Gospel Losing My Religion, Finding My Savior Day 3 is inspired by this sermon.  Do I find joy in my circumstance, or do I find joy in the gospel? Roman prison, more disgusting than I imagine It is easy to slip into poor interpretation of Scripture.  Poorly interpreting Scripture leads to […]


God completes the work in me, as perfectly as he began it.

He who began a good work

God completes the work in me, just as perfectly as he began it.  This is post 3 of a 31 days series: Losing My Religion, Finding My Savior.  For the next 18 days, I will continue sharing the ways in which Holy Spirit convicted me of placing my trust in myself, even when I believed myself […]


Church Planting in Philippi Reveals Heart

Losing My Religion Day Two: Church Planting in Philippi Reveals My Heart A study in Philippians changed my life.  We joined in the series a few weeks after it began. It was so impactful. I went back and listened to the entire series.  Twice.  You can listen here, if you like. Regarding Joy Part 1  Losing […]


Losing My Religion: What It Means

Losing my religion.  Nothing better describes my journey of switching churches quite as well as the title of R.E.M.’s famous song. Losing My Religion. This song has always stood out to me.  It is a bit shocking, for me, it is sad too. I have never been one to pretend that I “get” music, and […]


Making a Difference in my Home

*Trigger Warning* If you are a mother who struggles with not being at home because of work, or emotional issues (like anxiety or depression) some of what I write here may be triggering for you.  Please skip this post, if you think that might be the case.  I only share, because my experience has been […]


Montessori Preschool Preparation

Across the street from our old apartment was a charter Montessori school.  It has a great reputation, and so did another Montessori school (interestingly across the street from our first apartment).  I’d never heard of Dr. Maria Montessori until recently, although I do remember making labels for fundraisers for several Montessori schools at a job […]


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

We began the “KonMari” method several months ago.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to buy the book.  I tried to get it at the public library, but all EIGHTY-SEVEN of Milwaukee Public Library’s copies were checked out, and most of them were already on request.  Finally, I admitted I just needed to break down and […]


Free from Mommy Guilt

The Day The Internet Did Not Offend Me I am saddled with mommy guilt, the Internet often contributes to this burden I carry.  Recently, I had an experience unlike my normal scroll through my newsfeed.nse.  That is not an excuse, but an awareness that this is one of my battles.  I read something, and wasn’t […]


Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Here is why I, as a white, lower-middle-class woman feel that I should be a part of this movement. Racism is real.  It is in our hearts (even those of use who use the term color blind), in our thoughts (most of these things we don’t realize consciously) and in our systems […]

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