DIY Foaming Soap: Make your Kids Happy & Clean

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Foaming Soap, this is so astonishingly affordable, I can’t believe I didn’t do it for all these years. This recipe is simple enough for a child to make it, and you know you can trust all the ingredients.  Plus, kids love foam soap so hand washing is fun again! Shout-out to Elizabeth Lencho for […]


Kids Immune Gummies

Orange Vitality

Kids Immune Gummies are a sneaky way to add extra nutrition to your kids’ diets. They enjoy the taste and you know that it’s good for their bodies! Your little ones can help with this recipe too, both my 5 year old and 4 year old have assisted me when I make these. I’m working […]


DIY Disposable Baby Wipes

Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend for DIY Wipes

DIY Disposable Baby Wipes are a wonderful worry free alternative to conventional wipes, and not quite so “crunchy” as reusable wipes. When you purchase better brands of baby wipes, such as Young Living’s Seedlings you are looking at a higher price tag. But, when you consider that most brands of baby wipes won’t even list […]


Rollerballs for Kids!

Cobalt Glass 10ml Metal Rollerball

Kids Essential Oil Rollerballs: quick to make, easy to use, tidy, effective, frugal-friendly and they give your child a sense of independence.  Today, I will share with you some of our favorite blends.  I apologize as the pictures are scant on this post, it’s Sunday and we had a birthday party so we didn’t do […]


Sensory Play Dough

Sensory Play Dough

Sensory play dough, easy enough for a two-year old to help! Kids get all the fun of play dough and benefit from the aroma of the essential oils. Materials for DIY Sensory Play Dough 1 cup water 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, I highly recommend Coconut Oil. 1/2 cup salt 1 tablespoon cream of tartar Food […]


DIY Foot Cream

Whipped DIY Foot Cream

Are you prepared for the dry winter months in these parts?  You can be with this DIY foot cream.  I love this stuff, it is absolutely perfect for putting on before bed time (and if you sleep with socks–which I cannot do– it’s even more perfect).  As a fun side note, this is the what […]


DIY Face Wash; The Oil Cleansing Method!

Oil Cleansing

Here is one of my favorite methods for cleaning the skin: The Oil Cleansing Method.  I have made DIY face washes, and I love Young Living’s ART line of facial products. However, The Oil Cleansing Method is so easy and my skin feels so moisturized before bed.  You will need: Organic, Cold Pressed Castor Oil […]


DIY Happy Skin Body Lotion

DIY Lotion Ingredients

DIY Lotion?  Is that even possible?  Yes it is, and it is generally a 3 phase project.  To be honest, I haven’t done that process yet.  Some day I will get there, but I still have some ingredient research to do, so this is what I am using in the mean time. I absolutely adore […]


DIY Dry Shampoo for Hot Mess Moms

DIY Dry Shampoo is easy, and effective.  With 5 ingredients (6 if you have darker hair) two from your kitchen, it’s a quick DIY too. Have you tried dry shampoo?  I didn’t realize it was a “thing” available on the market until a few months ago. I saw a post in one of my “oily” […]


DIY Facial Toner; Use your Starter Kit Essential Oils Today!


DIY Facial Toner. This easy beauty DIY includes only 4 ingredients which includes some really great essential oils for your skin. I love the batch I made in preparation for this post, it’s my favorite combination so far, it smells amazing an feels great. Why DIY Facial Toner Avoiding dangerous ingredients is at the top […]

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