Manly & Oily: Shampoo Hack, with other ideas to get his head more natural

Today I share a simple shampoo hack to oil-infuse your man’s life.  Think of these ideas as phase 1 in converting him over to the dark side….I mean oily side.

Shampoo Hack


  • Bottle of Shampoo
  • 24-30 drops Essential Oils (based on 14-22 ounce bottle of shampoo, adjust as needed)
  • Strong Arm for Shaking

Suggested Oil Mixtures

Dry Scalp

12 drops Cedarwood

8 drops Lavender

4 drops Sandalwood or Geranium

4 drops Patchouli

Oily Scalp

12 drops Peppermint

8 drops Lemon

4 drops Lavender

Thin Blend 1

10 drops Cedarwood

10 drops Sandalwood

10 drops Lavender

8 drops Rosemary

1 drop Juniper

Thin Blend 2

10 drops Lavender

8 drops Cypress

6 drops Rosemary

4 drops Clary Sage

4 drops Palo Santo

Thin Blend 3

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Frankincense

4 drops Clary Sage

6 drops Eucalyptus Blue

2 drops Peppermint

Thin Blend 4

8 drops Rosemary

8 drops Thyme

8 drops Lavender

8 drops Cedarwood

4 drops Frankincense.

Easiest Instructions Ever

  1. Open your bottle of Shampoo
  2. Drop in Essential Oils
  3. Shake
  4. Lather, Rinse, Repeat ….. As needed.

Friends, I confess I am slap-happy tonight.  I apologize for the brevity of this post and all the goofiness.  My 2 year old woke up like 4 times last night, my 4 year old once and I just did not get enough sleep to produce the finest quality post.  It’s my hope that you get a little pop-culture laugh from this and some great oily ideas to start the man in your life on his journey to natural wellness with essential oils.


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