Losing My Religion; Finding my Savior


“Losing My Religion” is such a sad title.  I have found that “Losing My Religion” has released me to truly find my faith in Jesus Christ.

For much of 2013, my husband and I prayed for God to open doors and to close doors, according to his will.  We found ourselves shocked at how he answered those prayers.

We found soul-crushing pain, financial struggle, life-giving joy and a deeper faith in Jesus Christ.  Not faith that can be written out in bullet points, or discussed with perfect eloquence.  Faith that is lived out, faith that is consistent with action.

A true understanding our inability to rescue ourselves has brought joy.

Links to posts in this series

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Day 3: God Completes the Work in Me, just as perfectly as he began it

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Day 6:Worthy of the Gospel, Re-learning Suffering, Finding Freedom

Day 7: Unity in Devotion to Christ

Day 8: Obedience

Day 9: Do Everything without Complaining

Day 10: Jesus Plus

Day 11: Losing My Mind

Series Interrupted

On day 11, I describe how I fell off the writing wagon.  I actually began writing a different post for that day.  It was so emotionally grueling to walk through that experience again.  Until my husband’s job ended, I simply did not have time to write like I did before.  Then I realized that I didn’t have the courage to continue writing the series.  It’s still dear to my heart, but it’s a bit raw.  I’m praying for the right timing and the courage to complete the series.



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