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I am pleased to share with you The Simple Start Journal.  A great way to start your day with the most important things.

Simple Start Journal & Bible

The Simple Start Journal, designed by Kayse Pratt of Intentional Moms. I randomly, perhaps not so randomly, found a pin of hers a few years ago while looking for ways to be better at mom-life.  Her titles and her fonts drew me in quickly.

Kayse is a talented writer, pretty great at designing practical and beautiful printable products.  I’m eager to try out her new products because I know she is gospel-centered.    While she could dominate the world of blogging, she recognizes it isn’t her number #1 priority in this phase of life.  That is a message I need to hear daily.

What Matters Most

A phrase Kayse frequently uses is “what matters most” which I resonate with because in college I worked for Franklin Covey.  It is the place that honed my love of planners and tweaked my planning skills.  Franklin Covey’s #1 Seminar used to be called “What Matters Most.”  Using the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, Hyrum Smith and Stephen R. Covey they crafted incredible presentations to help people focus on what matters most.

So, What Matters Most to Me?

In a sentence, following Christ, serving my family and being healthy matter most to me.  However, it’s always been a struggle for me to keep these priorities at the top, as so many urgent tasks vie for my attention.  The Simple Start Journal is an affordable ($8 printable) solution that really addresses all 3 of these areas.

2 page per day spread, here it is printed on half-sheets and bound.

The Bible Study

Kayse will be coming out with more studies in the future, this one is on Galatians and Ephesians.  You simply write the date (and no shame if you miss a day—just keep going) and read the day’s passage.  Today it’s Galatians 3:1-9, then you make notes on what stands out to you and the Holy Spirit illuminates in your heart.

Next, write out the verses for the day, this is a new practice I began at the beginning of the year with some of Kayse’s Bible Studies and well as MacKenzie Monroe of Bold Turquoise.  It’s such a simple way to get God’s word in your heart and mind as you write it in a journal.

Pray about it, the following space is for you to write out your prayers, prayer lists whatever you need.  Some days, the verses convict and teach me and I ask God to help me get his word in my heart and bring out deeper obedience.  Other days, I write out the list of people I am praying for and often it’s asking God to help me show his truth to my family and those I interact with throughout the day.

Simplify It

Friends, I still use a Franklin Planner, in fact I took a year off trying lots of DIYs, printable and other planners.  I learned the FC system back in 2000. You can teach and “old dog” new tricks, I honestly haven’t found a trick that works better than my Her POV design Compact Planner.  My pages this year started on July 1 and my productivity has increased dramatically from being back to a system that I don’t have to think about.  It’s not for everyone, but I love it. If you have not found a planner you love and use, you can also check out Kayse’s: The Organized Life Planner.

One of the things we taught at Franklin is that you must prioritize your tasks, and we used a system as simple as A, B, C.

A = important, urgent, time-sensitive tasks   A priorities MUST get done today.

B= important, not as urgent, somewhat time-sensitive tasks B priorities SHOULD get done today.

C= less important, not urgent, somewhat ideal tasks.  C priorities COULD get done today, but won’t suffer if they are moved to another day.

I think of my A priorities and start thinking through them and write down my top 3 in the “Simplify It” section.  Often, as boring as it sounds, laundry is on this list.  Sometimes it’s grocery shopping or meal planning, other times it’s a household project and lately “prepare for homeschool year” is on the list.

Work It

The dreaded, but OH-SO-IMPORTANT section, work it is for a quick work-out.  To be honest, I don’t do this every day (yet).  Today I did my Simple Start Journal at the coffee shop, so I’m not doing that here.  But 3-4 days of the week is significantly better than none.

I am 23 weeks pregnant, and out of shape so not every exercise is a good idea for me.  So when a 30 or 60 second plank is on my list, I do a bunch of wall push-ups instead.  If everyone in my house is sleeping, I skip jumping jacks, walk in place and move my arms as if I was doing weights (it gets your heart rate up).

Simple Start

The Simple Start Journal is aptly named.  It’s a simple start to your day, it’s simple to print and it’s a good starting place if you lack discipline in any of these areas of life.  Please check out this resource, as I give it a perfect score for price, ease-of-use and the fact that it is purposeful.  Money well spent.

Simple Start not so Simple

Kayse provides instructions for printing in your download, just follow what she says (and do a test page in case you have a temperamental printer like I do) and bind it up as you like.

Since April, I have been using a Happy Planner for my Bible Study and Sermon notes.

I printed at 84% and used a happy planner punch.  You’ll see double-sided printing eluded me that day when you watch my video.   To be honest, my sanity seemed more important that perfectly printed double sided pages. My kids were also taking a bath while I did this so I really did need to keep it simple so I could keep them safe too.

Do what works best for you.  I then cut the paper down & used my Happy Planner Punch (it was cheaper with 40% off Michaels coupon than the Staples ARC punch).  Here is the video of me putting it together.


Get Started

Click over to Intentional Moms Shop as fast as your internet allows and download this fabulous resource.  I’d love to know what you think, it’s really a great way to spend $8 to simplify what matters most and how amazing is it to simply study God’s word, instead of someone else’s interpretation of it.  Diving back in to Galatians has encouraged my walk with God, and I am confident it will be fantastic for you too.







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