I gave myself bed rest

I ate a HUGE piece of humble pie this postpartum period.

I birth J on a Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, I took her in to the chiropractor and the doctor. I was exhausted.

On Friday, I walked to the ice cream shop with our awesome neighbors.

On Saturday, I made my husband stay home from work.

On Sunday, I felt great.  I walked to church, did some weeding in the garden and cooking.  Suddenly I felt massive pain when I flexed my hips or torso.  I had debilitating pain sitting up to nurse, moving from sitting to standing, from standing to sitting, side lying and walking.

My midwife texted me “doing WAY TOO MUCH”  I ended up in bed, bedsides using the bathroom, for more than 24 hours.  REst did the trick.  Unfortunately, it took me 3 full weeks to walk without pain.  At 8 weeks, I still have discomfort every so often.  I have pain if I walk more than a mile.

I reject these expectations on new moms; get back into shape, have it all, etc.  In theory I do.  Personally, I want that perfect image.  I want to “bounce right back” and earn bragging rights.

Well, my body can’t keep up with my ego.

I not only did myself a disservice, I hurt my whole family.  If i had simply rested from the beginning, we would all have had an easier time.


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