Guilty Pleasures: Periscope!

#write31days_ Day 24I confess, I am a smart-phone mom.  I look at it when I nurse.  Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. E-mail, Kindle and now Periscope!!!!

When I first heard of Periscope, I resisted.  Erin of Humbled Homemaker and Kayse Pratt both began mentioning Periscope in posts around the same time.  I caved in and gave it a whirl, expecting it to be another fad that I’d bore of quickly.

No boredom here!   It’s my new thing for doing chores, I hook up the earbuds, baby wear and was those dishes, flip the laundry and sweep. Since I can’t accomplish much in a regular day with my precious babies; Periscope has been so much fun and encouraging.

I’m following a few people and I love what I am learning.  So, let me share how a few of my favorites have really encouraged me and challenged me since hopping on the bandwagon.

Crystal Paine / Money Saving Mom

Crystal has two weekday scopes running right now.  At approximately 7:30 am CST Crystal hosts #YourMorningMotivator.  Since I began following her, she has been doing a book club and she has a theme for the each morning.  I have not been able to join the book club because none of those books are available in our library’s system, but it has given me a list of books to read for the future.   Her motivation tips are practical and for the most part easy to implement.

She also hosts #MoneyMakingMom around 3pm CST.  Crystal gets her inspirations for her MMM scopes from questions people ask her on Twitter or via e-mail.  I’ve really enjoyed listening to MMM as I am considering some new business ventures.

She is also promoting her newest book which comes out on November 3: Money Making Mom I am NOT an affiliate for this book, but I am on the launch team, which means I have a digital version of the book but I receive no compensation if you buy this book.  If you are looking for a way to be a work at home mom, or become self-employed you must read this book.  It is so practical, it really is a great guide for you to avoid common pitfalls of starting a business. If you pre-order, you can score a bunch of cool freebies!

Anyway, Crystal’s scopes are very well-done.  You can find her previous scopes here.

Mackenzie Monroe / BOLD Turquoise

I had actually seen Mackenzie interacting on Crystal’s scopes, but didn’t realize she was a scoper or blogger until Crystal shared her favorite Periscopes.  Since that was only last week, I am not super familiar with Mackenzie’s show, but I am enjoying it when I can tune in.  I did watch a few on katch yesterday.  Mackenzie has a morning show called “The Cultivating the Lovely Show.”  I am really starting to enjoy the community on this one, becoming familiar with other followers as they share 3 things they are doing each day to cultivate the lovely in their lives.

I’m also a little obsessed with Mackenzie having a bit of my dream life.  Mackenzie has been scoping for a while and she has a stash of scopes you can enjoy

Internet Community

Sometimes, I feel like a bit of a weirdo staring at a phone.  I don’t want to be someone who engages with a phone and missed out on real-life.  I think if I can manage to enjoy periscope and make it something that adds to my life, instead of taking from it is a great tool.  It would be very easy to start following dozens of people and become a slave to the whistle (my phone has a whistle notification for periscope, not sure if that is a phone thing or an app thing).  I’ve become aware of this pitfall, and am doing my best to side step it.  I am the sort of person who enjoys talk radio, podcasts and intelligent background noise.  I’m making sure the scopes I watch or “katch” are topics that are helpful to my life.

Even though I didn’t go into detail on Erin and Kayse’s periscopes, I always enjoy theirs too!

So, what is your guilty pleasure as a mom?  What was it when you had a newborn?  Please, tell me I am not the only one!


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