Essential Oils 101

Have you been interested in essential oils?  Turned off by all the hype?  Are you skeptical about their efficacy? Do you want to buy them, but you are confused about them?  Afraid of the investment?  Welcome, this is the place for you!

Let’s Get Started with the Basics:

What are essential oils?

Essential Oils are oils distilled from the flower, leaves, stems, roots, bark, and resins of plants or they are cold-pressed from the rinds of the citrus fruits.  The easiest way to think of them is the “immune system” of the plant: everything the plant needed to grow, thrive, survive is what is extracted from the plant.

Why use essential oils?

Our bodies know what to do with essential oils.

As essential oils are directly extracted from plants, without any chemical manipulation they share very similar structure to human DNA.  Thanks to this similarity, our bodies easily recognize the oils and are able to use what we need without concerns of allergies or side effects.

Every essential oil we use, is a chemical we can avoid.

Our world is overwhelmed with chemicals, in the United States in particular we are far behind the research on safety compared to the rest of the western world.  Sadly, the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 does not provide us the protection the name implies.  There are over 100,000 chemicals on the market today (makeup, beauty products, household cleaning, pest repellents and more) and 84,000 of them were grandfathered in by this act WITHOUT safety testing.

When we are exposed to chemicals, they are found within minutes in our blood stream and preliminary research indicates that there are on average 200 chemicals in the cord blood of newborns.

With essential oils and a few staples, you and start swapping out every toxic chemical in your home and start living a healthier lifestyle.

You can replace your aluminum-laden deodorant and antiperspirant for a easy DIY, or one of Young Living’s great deodorants.  You can get rid of those toxic fabric softener sheets and save on your energy bill by using wool-dryer balls with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.  You can replace EVERY chemical cleaner (no, really: glass cleaner, floor cleaner, wood cleaner, toilet bowl and countertops!) in your house with Thieves Household cleaner and you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

How do I use essential oils?

My dear, there are so many ways but they break down into 3 basic categories.


This would be what is typically considered true aromatherapy.  You are utilizing the aromatic influcenes of the the oils to achieve a particular goal.  You can use essential oils aromatically a few different ways, a cold diffuser is the best way.  It breaks up the essential oil molecules even smaller and spreads them in the air without the use of heat, which preserves the therapeutic benefit of the essential oil.

You can also get the aromatic benefit from a diffuser jewelry, sniffing straight from the bottle or blending your own perfume.


This is another great way, applying the oil directly to your skin without a carrier oil or with a carrier oil.  It’s important to note that some essential oils are “spicy” just as some herbs are spicy and it is best to dilute these essential oils (think peppermint, cinnamon, oregano, etc) to avoid an uncomfortable sensation.  The skin is an incredible organ and moves the oil through your system in minutes through the entire body, mucous membranes aren’t great partners for essential oils.  If you make this mistake, flush with a carrier oil NOT water right away to reduce discomfort.

Other topical applications could include foot soaks, baths and massage.


The internal use of essential oils has been studied for over sixty years, and originates in France.  Internal use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils can greatly benefit your lifestyle.  Internal use can include a drop under the tongue, a drop added to a recipe for flavor in beverages or foods, in a capsule as a supplement and blended with powerful supplements.

It is important to understand that not all essential oils are created equally, and if your essential oil is NOT labeled for internal use: please do not take internally.

Grades of Essential Oils

In the United States of America, it can be very difficult to determine the quality and grade of your essential oils, because the FDA only requires 5-10% essential oil in the bottle to be labeled “100% pure.”  This is not dissimilar from other aspects of the food industry, but it doe make it difficult as a consumer to choose high-quality, effective and safe products.

Therapeutic Grade Oils (Grade A) are what you want to use.  They are grown ethically, without GMOs, without pesticides, harvested properly and distilled at low temperatures.  They are tested for proper constituents to assure the efficacy you expect.

Food Grade Oils (Grade B) do not necessarily conform to the above standards event though they can be used in food products (think peppermint candies).  These oils can be grown with pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic or natural carriers (they are likely already diluted)

Perfume Oils (Grade C)  these frequently contain adulterating chemicals and are frequently extracted using solvents (versus cold-pressing or distilling) such as hexane.  This is likely the type of oil you will find on the shelf of your local grocery, health food store or mama-retreat (Target, I mean Target).

Floral Water (Grade D) is actually a byproduct of Grade A distillation.  It smells lovely, but there are no therapeutic benefits to this type of oil.

Which oil do you want to use?  I hope you answered Grade A, because it’s the only safe essential oil and the only oil that will really offer you a benefit beyond scent.

The murkiness of the industry can be confusing, which is why I am so thankful for Young Living’s transparency and their commitment to the land, the people, the plants and the science of how essential oils work.  They offer the Seed-to-Seal promise to assure customers of the quality of their oils.

Where do I start?

There are over 140 essential oil singles (that doesn’t count blends!) available to you.  How do you know where to start?  Let me tell you: everyday oils and a diffuser.  Without a diffuser, or with a lousy one it’s hard to consistently use essential oils (and consistency is key friends).  If you are just using 1-2 oils for a specific issue, you won’t have the oils you need on hand when life strikes.  Everyday oils are where you want to start

Lemon: a uplifting fragrance for diffusing, a wonderful flavor and incredibly supportive of the body.  To be honest, this was the first oil I had to re-order.

Lavender: this little bottle is considered the “swiss army knife of essential oils” because it’s uses are almost limitless.  Great for freshening linens, known for it’s relaxing qualities and it’s supportive of healthy skin.

Peppermint: energizing, uplifting, it can support exercise, and sooth tension in the the muscles as well as comfort your digestive tract.

Copaiba: who the what the?  Copaiba is a powerhouse oil that is great for skin, joints and for boosting other oils.

Digize: it’s a great bookend to a meal, I love to put 1 drop of digize vitality in a glass of warm water after a meal to support digestion (throw it in a capsule if you don’t love the smell)

Frankincense: if it’s good enough for baby Jesus, it’s good enough for me.  Frankincense has hundreds of uses and it’s fantastic for immune and skin support.

PanAway: This oil will be your friend when you are feeling achy, it has a such a great smell too cool and invigorating.

Purification: this is the TOP oil for combating stink.  It’s a blend that will clear the air, or your shoes, or your diaper pail.

R.C. is a blend of eucalyptus oils to support healthy respiration blend it with a carrier oil for a massage or drop it in your diffuser and breathe in relief.

Stress Away: If you ever feel stress or tension, this oil will be your new BFF.  It’s a bright and comforting blend that always helps me relax my shoulders and chill out.

Thieves: surely you have heard of Thieves.  It’s a blend of oils that supports your immune system and a clean environment.  Apply to the bottoms of your feet, add to tea for a tasty zing or pop in a capsule and take internally.  Don’t forget to diffuse it.

 Bang for Buck

If you are anything thing like me the “sticker shock” of essential oils may have your head spinning, but let me tell you as a frugal-mama you won’t regret getting these oils if you do it the smart way.  First of all, if you use them with consistency, their potency will convince you.  Secondly, you really want to buy them at the wholesale price, no need to “retail me not” you can get your oils and diffuser for 50% off and get a LIFETIME discount of 24% when you buy a Premium Starter Kit.

You have 4 Kit options, the price is based on the diffuser you choose.  They come with a diffuser, the 11 every day oils I just told you about and 10 sample bottles to share the love, 10 sample (2 of each lemon, lavender, thieves, peppermint and peace and calming), 2 samples of NingXia Red.  With Ningxia Red you can forget energy drinks, soda and even coffee —don’t hunt me down— this baby is loaded with antioxidants and will benefit your whole body instead of taxing your adrenals.  You’ll also get a catalog so you can learn about other great products and work them into your monthly budget and a great magazine to help start you on your oily journey.

Premium Starter Kit with Home Diffuser $160

I have the Home Diffuser and I keep it in my bedroom/office.  It lights up and has a pretty lilac glow while it diffuses.  Made of high quality plastic, it will diffuse your oils in the air without the damage of heat. It’s best to use distilled water when diffusing, easy to clean and of course budget-friendly.

Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser $160

I also have the Dew Drop diffuser, I use it for classes, it lights up blue when the light is turned on and can diffuse with the light off.  It’s also easy to clean and I use distilled water in this one too.

Premium Starter Kit with Rainstone Diffuser $205

The Rainstone Diffuser is a $45 upgrade but it is 100% worth it for homes with respiratory issues, dust or pets as it also includes a negative ionizer (which helps with all those issues).  It has a remote control and multiple timer functions (1, 4,6 and 8 hours of diffusing) and it lights up pretty colors, plural.  I don’t have this one (yet) it is made of ceramic and everyone I know who has it, loves it.

Premium Starter Kit with Aria Diffuser

The Aria.  What a beauty, with an American maple base and a glass top this is the Jaguar of diffusers.  It has a remote, covers up to 300 sq. ft, can connect to your playlist, comes with built in ambient noise, has lots of color options and can plan your day (okay not the last one, but you may just cancel your plans to stare at it while it diffuses your happy blend of Lavender and Frank).  This diffuser retails for $296, so if you are looking for the best deal….this is the one.

But wait!  There is more!!

I know that was cheesy, but hear me out.  Finances were a BIG factor when I decided to buy a kit.  In fact, I agreed to buy one the first week of December but had to wait until after I got my Christmas bonus to buy it.  Now, I promise you if you cut corners for a month and take the plunge you won’t regret it, but I would love to help you the way my friend helped me.

I hosted a class, the day after I ordered my kit. Three of my attendees decided to get a kit as well.  The next month I got a check for $154 from Young Living.  I paid $175 for my kit (including taxes and shipping) so within 6 weeks my out-of-pocket cost was $21.  This is the way to go, the way to convince your significant other, the way to convince yourself.   You can’t go wrong, you’ll be helping your loved ones AND keeping your oily habit cash-flowed.

Better than Target Cartwheel

What do you earn when you work the Cartwheel system?  5%  When you join Essential Rewards you utilize your 24% member discount, get discounted shipping and earn back 10% of your purchase for the first 3 months.

Then Young Living sends you a free bottle of oil, and bumps you up to 20% in earnings until you reach 24 months then you earn 25%……TWENTY FIVE PERCENT just for being loyal.  IN the mean time you’ll also get freebie oils at 9 months and 1 year.

And you’ll qualify for spending bonuses.  You only ave to spend 50 but if you bump up to different levels, you earn free oils or supplements.

My friends have done the math, this is a better bargain than you can find anywhere (and please don’t buy on Amazon it’s a total risk for tampering).  Essential Rewards keeps your oily toolbox stashed and makes sure you save every penny possible.

You won’t regret it.

You don’t have to feel sluggish, tired, be disappointed in how your skin looks.  The kit oils have you covered, and with your member discount you can ditch every chemical-laden product in your house.  Even your makeup (say what??? yep it’s true as of June 19, 2017 we have toxin-free makeup).  Click over to my business site and chose your kit.

I’ll coach you along the way and support you new, oily lifestyle.






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