DIY Happy Skin Body Lotion

DIY Lotion?  Is that even possible?  Yes it is, and it is generally a 3 phase project.  To be honest, I haven’t done that process yet.  Some day I will get there, but I still have some ingredient research to do, so this is what I am using in the mean time.

I absolutely adore this DIY lotion, I use it on myself and my kids all summer long.  Even now that we get less sunshine, I still use it as my daily moisturizer, my skin feels and looks so good with this as part of my routine.

For DIY Lotion You Will Need:

1/2 C Almond Oil or Olive Oil

1/4 C Coconut Oil

1/4 C Beeswax

1-2 T non-nano Zinc Oxide (optional)

2 T Shea Butter

20 Drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil

20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

12 oz jar and lid

1 t Raspberry Seed Oil

1 t Carrot Seed Oil (fatty)

1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

1 teaspoon cacao powder (not needed if you skip the non-nano Zinc Oxide)

DIY Lotion Ingredients

DIY Lotion

One is with zinc oxide and NO cacao.
The other is with zinc oxide and cacao


  1. Combine Olive/Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax & Shea Butter in glass jar.
  2. Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water, over medium heat.
  3. Place the lid on the jar loosely and set inside the water
  4. As the oils heat, the beeswax and shea butter will begin to melt.  You can use an oven mitt and shake or stir the oils if you wish.  Just waiting patiently is safer and less messy.
  5. Remove from heat and slowly add in your non-nano zinc oxide, mix thoroughly.
  6. Add optional oils, if you desire.
  7. Stir in essential oils.
  8. Add cacao powder to your desired color depth (we use 2 teaspoons for our fair-to medium family)



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