DIY Deodorant: Oily & Manly

Day 3 of Oily and Manly recipes with essential oils.  Let’s make some DIY deodorant today!

DIY Deodorant

Slow Movement From Conventional Deodorant

This process began very slowly in the spring of 2009.  Hernando and I had just been dating a few months, he was living with his dad and became really ill one day.  He had terrible symptoms, so much that he actually went to the doctor without insurance for a strep test.  The rapid and 48 hour culture came back negative so we just did some OTCs and waited it out.  A few days later he was back to normal.

Life moved on and his routine returned to normal, what I mean to say was he wasn’t using deodorant at the tail end of that illness.  He started using deodorant again and he got sick again.  He determined on his own that something in the deodorant was bothering him.  So he began to search for better alternatives and the first ingredient he dropped was aluminum.

Fast-forward to January 2011, we were on our honeymoon in Chicago and went to the cutest apothecary I’ve ever seen (okay, maybe the only real one) in Andersonville.  He picked up a deodorant that seemed like it should work well.  If I remember correctly it contained butane which he also believed he reacted poorly to.

Six Years Later….

So by now, he’d settled on a deodorant brand from Target that didn’t cause any obvious issues.  However, I’d gone far down the “natural living” rabbit hole and was really disturbed by the blue coloring and propylene glycol.  Feel free to call me crazy on that last one, but when you spend  a shift in a coffee factory coating beans in synthetic flavors that require hazmat gloves, you earn a certain disdain of the active ingredient.

A few times we’d tried popular “natural” brands without success, but paying MORE and getting less odor control wasn’t appealing to our senses.  About 1 year into my Young Living journey, I decided to try a DIY deodorant people had been sharing in oily groups.

Hernando’s only complaint?  “Can you make it smell more masculine?”  Yes, honey I can.  I added 10 drops of another essential oil and HOME RUN!

DIY Deodorant Ingredients & Materials

Heads Up

If you are brand new to using a DIY deodorant, you will likely experience a detox period in your armpits. Although we haven’t had this reaction, you might and I don’t want you to be surprised by it if it occurs.  Some people experience redness and bumps and it commonly takes up to 3 weeks for the body to process out the previous exposures.  If that happens, press through, but also consider cleaning up your diet during that time as it will support a faster process.

If it continues past 3 weeks, try reformulation of the recipe: drop out the baking soda and add extra arrowroot or cornstarch, sometimes the baking soda is just too strong for folks.

Make Your DIY Deodorant

  1. Melt your coconut oil in your pan over low-medium heat.
  2. Turn off the heat and stir in your baking soda and cornstarch or arrowroot powder.
  3. Remove from heated surface and drop in your essential oils, stir to blend thoroughly.
  4. Pour mixture into your container.
  5. Allow to cool
  6. If you use a mason jar, keep a craft stick with the jar.  This way you can easily remove a bit for each day without contaminating the jar.  Then take out what you will use and use your hands to rub it on to your armpits.

***Extra sweaty day tip: keep a little purification or lemongrass essential oil with you.  I actually do this on days I forgot to put deodorant on.  It puts the kibosh on odors instantly.


Enjoy your non-toxic, super cheap (less than $3 a pop!) Deo for you B.O.!



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