DIY Foaming Soap: Make your Kids Happy & Clean

Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Foaming Soap, this is so astonishingly affordable, I can’t believe I didn’t do it for all these years. This recipe is simple enough for a child to make it, and you know you can trust all the ingredients.  Plus, kids love foam soap so hand washing is fun again! Shout-out to Elizabeth Lencho for sharing this recipe with me! She also made the beautiful label.

Materials for DIY Foaming Soap:

Foaming Liquid Soap Dispenser

  • please make sure the container you purchase is BPA free, the link I have provided is BPA free.

4 T Unscented Castile Soap

  • I like Dr. Bronner’s (despite all the mumbo-jumbo on the label) very high-quality products.  I bought mine at the co-op because it was $5 off this week.  WOOT WOOT.

20 drops Essential Oil

  • choices, choices, for now Thieves and Peppermint, but I’ll likely change it up as we approach Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

1/4 t Vitamin E Oil

  • Again, I believe I have provided a link to a safe product, but I did noticed when I was looking to buy Vitamin E at my local store that some of them were not Vitamin E only and some of them had parabens.  Please take a minute and be sure to read your labels and get the real deal.


Labels are always nice


  1. Pour Castille soap into the container, add in Vitamin E Oil and essential oils.  Fill 3/4 full with water.
  2. Put the cap on, give a little shake and have some good, clean fun.

Essential Oil Ideas:

Lavender is always a crowd-pleaser.

Thieves is a good one and smells amazing.

Orange is usually also a hit.

I am doing both Thieves and Peppermint because I love the smell of peppermint, but want the cleaning confidence I get from Thieves.

Get creative: if you are making other types of soap: face wash, body wash just check out your reference guide for oils that are helpful to your needs.

I apologize, my first batch tonight did not yield good “Pumping” photo as I added too much water.  I adjusted accordingly to get a good consistency, but did not photograph it.  Because, hot mess mom y’all, hot mess mom.  It’s 11pm,  I can’t recall what time my husband works tomorrow,tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday and I want to attempt to get a few more rows done on my daughter’s scarf (by the way I am a terrible knitter)

I hope you like the recipe!

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