Dealing with Discouragement

I’m at the coffee shop again, because I just can’t think in that messy house.

I got sick over the weekend, and I am just too tired to keep up on all of the chores.  My husband has an interview today, and no clean white shirts. My son has a rescheduled doctor appointment, because last week I thought it was at 10:30, nope.  It was 9:30, I wrote it down wrong.  Normally, I remember wrong.  I guess I am tired. Oh, and my 3 year old has started having accidents 3 times a day. I’m also pretty sure there is a drug dealer on our block, and I spent the night paranoid about that instead of cleaning or writing.

I have to keep this short, so I don’t miss today’s appointment.

I have some tendencies when I am discouraged:

Procrastinate, waste time and mope.

So here are a few things I did last night and today that are helping me come out of this discouraged mindset.

Last night, while I was scared about the suspicious behavior, I sat on the couch with my daughter and pulled out the scrabble tiles she wanted to play with so badly.  I let her make a mess of it and then she sat down with me and asked me to read from her children’s Bible.  I immediately began to feel less afraid.

After my husband and son got home, we snacked and put the kids to bed.  I allowed myself to watch Agents of SHIELD, and went to bed early.

This morning, I was still overwhelmed by missing my writing yesterday plus the messy house.  I wasn’t exhausted though, I rested really well during the night. After I nursed my sweet baby, while scrolling through Facebook I read something really encouraging about the #write31days challenge. Then I went to She Reads Truth and read MONDAYs devotional, because yes I have slept in all week and missed my quiet time.  Do you know which word appeared in every scripture from Monday’s devotional?  GRACE

I got my son’s diaper changed, packed my bag and WALKED to the coffee shop, and strapped baby J into her carrier . I logged in to my website improperly and was locked out for 20 minutes.  Well, life certainly didn’t get easier!  I feel better though.  It’s okay that I am not perfect, that I got sick, that I am behind on chores.

Before I jump off I want to point out a major difference I feel THIS time postpartum and how I felt last time, because depression presents differently for me, and it might for you too.

With my first two, the stress and disappointment of the past few days would have resulted in extreme anger and lots of yelling on my part.  I get angry, frustrated and that is how I eventually realized that those feelings were abnormal and unhealthy.

Today, and the last few days I have felt anxious, disappointed and frustrated. I only yelled once (scrabble tiles and hi-ho-cherry-o pieces on the floor).  I have not felt like I was drowning and would never find a way out of the mess and stress.  I just feel like, “this is going to be a great deal of work.”

Give yourself grace mommas, extend it to others.

For me, fresh air, a bit of exercise, rest, a bit of reading and covering myself in God’s word have made a big difference.

What helps you mama?  How are you being kind to yourself today?


  1. I always feel super anxious if I’m behind on housework. What really helps is a nap so that I have energy to do it. The much more calming option is nursing my son. Just staring at that sweet face makes all that boring and mundane things worth it.

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