Day 2 of Whole 30

I highly recommend starting Whole 30 on a Saturday, because day 2 is notoriously known as “the hangover” and gosh was it nice to go through that on a Sunday.

How we handled it today

My husband and I slept 9 hours.  My 5 year old slept 10 hours, my 3 year old slept 12 hours and my 18 month old slept 12 hours (including nighttime nursing).

We went to second service, because we were a little slow to get dressed and eat.  My 3 year old had a few breakdowns wanting: pizza, chocolate chip larabars and bear claws.

After church, I accidentally fell asleep with my 18month old.  We were the only nap-takers.  My husband and I decided to skip our evening class and have a family night.  We watched The Hobbit and my son fell asleep by 7:30, so did my toddler.  Our oldest stayed up until the movie ended at 9 and went to bed with out complaint.

I have a slight headache.

Meal Plan

Kind of a bust.

Breakfast: leftover dinner, oranges, banana (1 fruit per kid). Boiled eggs that two kids request and  0 kids ate.

Church snack: our church has a nice spread (meltdown!) so I brought larabars.  C flat out refused any fruit or larabar. I ate one, my husband had half a banana and Z   at one too.  We sent them to class with snacks (Z had an orange, C had a larabar and J had sliced apple).

Lunch: deli turkey (older kids rejected) nori, baby carrots and mayo.

Sneaking food: the kids snuck leftover cauli-mash and nori.

Dinner: I missed dinner because I was at work, they seemed content and I cleaned up some almond crumbs.

Perspective helps

I have been in conversation with a mom struggling with breastfeeding, which reminds me of my WHY for Whole 30.  It is the only thing that helped me make more, fattier milk.  It was not a $95+ a month prescription, or a $30 a month herbal.  It corrected the cause of my low-milk-supply issue: Insulin Resistance.


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