About Sparkly Stefka

For as long as I can remember, I have adored all things that sparkle.  I think when I attended college, I fully embraced my love of glitter and became known as “glitter girl.”  There was a phase of  my life, mostly my 20s, where I felt I embraced my love of glitter and my zest for life.  I felt comfortable in my body, my quirks.

I had the privilege of falling in love with an amazing man who also embraced me fully.  We are approaching 5 years of marriage and have three children.  Having longed for motherhood for as long as I can remember, I found myself disappointed in my abilities as a wife, mother and small business owner.  I have spent the past 3 years struggling with depression, anxiety and chronic stress over all the tasks and goals that remain unfinished.

Through severe financial hardships, the Lord led us to a new church.  My husband and I were surprised to discover how far from Scripture our theology had moved, embraced the conviction of the Holy Spirit and began to pursue God’s word with a new passion.  Slowly, and I do mean slowly, I began shedding several “things” I was doing, some of those related to ministry and some of those related to work.

Having agonized over a call to begin writing for almost two years, I finally embraced my fears and began planning this blog.  I found my long-lost sparkle returned. My confidence began to boost and my passion for life returned.

Did your birth plans go awry?  Breastfeeding turn out to be harder than expected? Are you broken in your longing to hold a baby in our arms.  Have you been crushed by mainstream Christianity?  You are welcome here, dear friend.  You are valuable, cherished.  May you find here words that validate your emotions, challenge the wide path and stir in you a hunger for more.   In a broken world may you find, not a love for shiny things, but that your soul still sparkles in a dark places.

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