Making a Difference in my Home


*Trigger Warning* If you are a mother who struggles with not being at home because of work, or emotional issues (like anxiety or depression) some of what I write here may be triggering for you.  Please skip this post, if you think that might be the case.  I only share, because my experience has … [continue]

Montessori Preschool Preparation

Across the street from our old apartment was a charter Montessori school.  It has a great reputation, and so did another Montessori school (interestingly across the street from our first apartment).  I’d never heard of Dr. Maria Montessori until recently, although I do remember making labels for fundraisers for several Montessori schools at a job […]


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

We began the “KonMari” method several months ago.  Unfortunately, I waited too long to buy the book.  I tried to get it at the public library, but all EIGHTY-SEVEN of Milwaukee Public Library’s copies were checked out, and most of them were already on request.  Finally, I admitted I just needed to break down and […]


Free from Mommy Guilt


The Day The Internet Did Not Offend Me I am saddled with mommy guilt, the Internet often contributes to this burden I carry.  Recently, I had an experience unlike my normal scroll through my newsfeed.nse.  That is not an excuse, but an awareness that this is one of my battles.  I read something, and wasn’t […]


Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Here is why I, as a white, lower-middle-class woman feel that I should be a part of this movement. Racism is real.  It is in our hearts (even those of use who use the term color blind), in our thoughts (most of these things we don’t realize consciously) and in our systems […]


Practical Theology

There is nothing more practical than theology.

Our world is dark, our nation is full of broken, angry and divided people. I’ve been discouraged, broken-hearted.  To see my social media feeds full of anger, despair, disdain; it makes me ache deeply.  It is hard to stay focused on what I am called to do: to be a light that shines in the […]


Father’s Day without a Father

Father's Daywith a Father

        My dad died in 1988, I was 7 years old.  He passed away in a fire, in his apartment.  Now you know why I hate smoking, people think about lung cancer, emphysema and COPD.  Sometimes that butt doesn’t get put out all the way, and people die every day. Well, I […]


5 Reasons I Like Being Car Free


I know, for many Americans, it is hard to imagine not owning a car.  It is difficult to comprehend why someone would choose to be carless (car-free as I prefer to say).  I owned my first car before I got my driver’s license and have owned a car for the majority of my driving years. […]


Whole 30 Day 3


I just completed day 3 of my third Whole 30, and I feel AMAZING.  In past Whole 30s I have followed pretty closely to the experiences lined out in the “Whole 30 Timeline” but this time I have had a different experience. Let me tell you a bit about my reasons for doing a Whole 30, […]


Love is Not: Jealous, Boastful, Proud or Rude

Love Is Not: Jealous, Boastful, Proud or Rude

Oh, today we get down and dirty as we explore what love is not.  Here is our reference point: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being […]

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