Toxin-Free Mineral Makeup: NO talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrance.

Let's talk about toxins and makeup Did you know the beauty industry is largely unregulated by our government? Ingredients that are unhealthy for you are likely filling your makeup bag.  Let's chat about some of the concerning ingredients you want to ditch, and I'll move on to share about how you … [continue]

Holy Hustle, Boss Babes and Glorifying God

I am a planner nerd, my first “real” job in college was at a FrankinCovey, a planner store.  There I learned how to articulate my values, roles and goals.  I learned how to create a realistic and value based monthly, weekly and daily task lists.  This job gave me laser focus on how to live an intentional life.  […]


Whole 30 Easter: Egg Shaped Bath Bombs!

We are on day 12 of Whole 30 and Easter is approaching this weekend.   Even without being on Whole 30, I know my stance on sugar for my kids: recipe for disaster! So, I perused Pinterest and found a fun and healthy solution: Egg Shaped Bath Bombs. Choosing to do a Whole 30 in […]


Day 2 of Whole 30

I highly recommend starting Whole 30 on a Saturday, because day 2 is notoriously known as “the hangover” and gosh was it nice to go through that on a Sunday. How we handled it today My husband and I slept 9 hours.  My 5 year old slept 10 hours, my 3 year old slept 12 […]


Day 1 of Whole 30 (April 2017)

Inflammation, fatigue, bloating, and skin issues have gotten the best of me.  It’s time to get back to the basics, and for my family The Whole 30 is the *only* way to eat without regrets. Please don’t mistake me, we eat poorly more frequently than I’d like to admit.  I’m not prideful about our eating […]


Happily Married: The Power of Obeying Christ

Mike and Jacque have an amazing love story.  It is full of adventure, foolishness, sin and the hard work of forgiveness.  Theirs is a story that should be heard, not because their character is so ideal that we should all aspire to it.  Rather, their story needs to be heard because they chose obedience to […]


I rebel: Prayer is an act of Rebellion

We have been taking the Perspectives course, the main text is one I read in my freshman year of college, just over 17 years ago!  I was a missions major, and so much of what I learned in my degree is permanently in my soul. You know how life is though don’t you?  It’s prone […]


Amazing Sex, A Broken Promise of True Love Waits

“Sex is AMAZING!!”  I don’t know what is more uncomfortable, sitting in wood and metal row chairs in my high school chapel or  hearing a very young youth pastor shout “sex is amazing!” He quickly followed up, explaining that this was second-hand knowledge because he was still a virgin. Regardless, he assured us that if we obeyed […]


Why I’m Rejecting Christian Inspiration

Christian Inspiration, those pretty pinnable images give me the warm fuzzies. I am sure there are some doctrinally sound ones out there, but I’m rejecting them.  Here is why: Often times, these verses are taken out of context or are loose interpretations what the Scriptures actually say. If you pop over to Pinterest and search for […]


Grace and Essential Oils: Keep Going When It’s Just Too Hard

Grace and Essential Oils are the reason I’m sitting here, propped up on my mom’s couch. Life is just too hard lately, but I have to keep going. It’s just a few minutes past 10, my son and youngest daughter are sleeping on the futon, and my oldest is keeping my mom awake in another […]

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